10 spooky Bay Area curses

Excerpted from “10 Spooky Bay Area Curses
By Katie Dowd on October 5, 2015 11:07 AM

1024x1024Socialite Pat Montandon was the talk of the San Francisco society scene in the 1960s, so much so that Armistead Maupin modeled one of his characters after her.

But despite her sunny party girl attitude, Montandon’s Lombard Street home was a house of horrors. As related in her 1975 book ‘The Intruders’, Montandon fears she was cursed by a scorned tarot card reader. Enraged when Montandon didn’t serve him a drink at a party, the tarot card reader swore Montandon would never find happiness in her home.

Over the next eight years, her home became the site of multiple tragedies. The most famous was the death of her friend and secretary Mary Louise Ward, whose dead body was found in a locked bedroom after a fire broke out in the house in 1969. An autopsy found Ward had died before the fire; no cause of death was ever determined.

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