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Armistead Maupin made a guest appearance on “Frasier” as a caller named “Gerard”.   The episode originally aired January 16, 1996 and is titled “The Friend” (Season 3, Episode 11).  The episode may be found on on Netflix, or HuluPlus.

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Frasier: So why is it we have so much trouble making friends? Is it
because we’ve become closed off? No longer want to reach out
to our fellow man? Well I’d like to think that if one of you
listeners out there happened to see me on the street you’d
feel free to walk right on up to me and
Roz: Excuse me Dr. Crane, we have to stop for a very important
public service announcement [waits for show to go off air]
HAVE YOU LOST YOUR MIND? You’re opening yourself up to every
creep out there!
Frasier: Oh Roz that’s exactly the kind of cynicism I’m talking
about. I, for one, happen to believe in the kindness of
Roz: Well I believe in the strangeness of strangers! [signals
show is about to start again] Three seconds.
Frasier: Hi, we’re back with the topic of friendship. Now let’s go to
the switchboard. Roz, who’s on line one?
Roz: Good news Dr. Crane. It’s Gerard from Stanwood. A new
Frasier: Hello Gerard. I’m listening.
Gerard: Well I called for another reason Dr. Crane. But what you
just said really moved me. I wish more people felt that way.
Frasier: Well thank you Gerard. I sense a kindred spirit.
Gerard: Maybe we could get together some time? Have a beer? Maybe I
could, you know, comb your hair?

Transcript from http://www.kacl780.net/frasier/transcripts/season_3/episode_11/the_friend.html

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