38th Anniversary of the “Tales of the City” Walking Tour

Larry Rhodes, of www.toursofthetales.com is conducting a “Tales of the City” guided tour in May.  I highly recommend signing up if you are in the Bay Area.  Larry has a wealth of knowledge and interesting tidbits to share, and it’s a great day to share with other Barbaryphiles alike!  Check out his website to sign up and for more information.

Date: Saturday, 24 May 2014
(Memorial Day Weekend)

Starting time/place: 9:00 am at the Aquatic Park

Approximate ending time/place: 4:30 pm at Union Square

We will visit locales at:
Russian Hill
North Beach
Telegraph Hill
Nob Hill
Union Square

Although the Tour ends at about 4:30 pm at Union Square, for those interested, there will be a special “Post Script” tour of the Castro.

The Castro

We’ll stop for a lunch break in North Beach

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